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The purpose of the Alamance County Health Department’s Office of Health Education and Promotion is to support and initiate activities designed to favorably influence knowledge, attitudes, practices, and policies related to personal and community health.

Health Education and Promotion supports the Health Department’s goal of promoting and protecting health through the identification of public and personal problems and planning comprehensive strategies with the community for their alleviation.

The unit’s primary focus is on a process of planned change, which focuses on the creation of environmental, and policy level changes to support positive health outcomes. Working with the community and other partners in designing and implementing strategies is the major focus for health promotion activities.

For more information about our program and community involvement, click here.

Community Education and Outreach

Our staff of Public Health Educators are available to speak at schools, churches, and civic groups on various health topics and about Health Department services.

To effectively plan and maximize the capacity of Health Department staff and resources, individuals, groups, and organizations requesting community education and outreach are strongly encouraged to follow these guidelines when making a request:

  • Request for education and outreach must be made at least thirthy (30) days in advance of the planned event date.
  • Maintain regular communication with Health Department staff during the event planning process.
  • Allow sufficient time during the proposed event for requested presentation.
  • Ensure that there will be sufficient participation for event.
  • Provide an appropriate venue conducive to concentration, participation, and will accommodate the anticipated attendance for the event.
  • Allow the facilitator the opportunity to evaluate the program, if necessary, with an appropriate evaluation tool following the event.

The Health Department will strive to honor as many requests as possible. However, previously scheduled events or availability of staff may prevent the Health Department from fulfilling all requests. In the event a request is unable to be fulfilled or if the event/program is unable to meet the guidelines outlined above, the Health Department will suggest an alternative means of education and outreach.

For more information, please call (336) 570-6382 or click to fill out and print a request form. Community Outreach and Education Request Form

If you are only requesting information (brochures, fact sheets, etc.) on a specific topic, please call (336) 227-0101 and your call will be transferred to the appropriate clinic.