Pictured from left to right are Cindy Watkins, Executive Director for the Alamance Partnership for Children; Nekaya Harrelson, 2010 ACHD Employee of the Year; and outgoing Board of Health member Dr. Reid Woodard. Not pictured is �You Can Count on Me� Award recipient Stacie Turpin Saunders.


January 10, 2011


BURLINGTON – The Alamance County Board of Health recently held its annual awards ceremony at the Alamance County Health Department, recognizing employees, community partners, and Board of Health members for their contributions to public health in Alamance County during 2010.

Each year, the Board of Health recognizes outside agencies, organizations, or individuals that have partnered with the Alamance County Health Department (ACHD) with the Public Health Partnership Award.  Their invaluable partnership has allowed the ACHD to achieve goals that would not have been possible to achieve alone.
The 2010 Public Health Partnership Award was presented to the Alamance Partnership for Children.  The Partnership has been a long time collaborator and partner, whose programming targets populations on a multi-factorial level providing social, emotional, developmental, and health information to those who may be at risk for poor health outcomes for a variety of reasons.  Additionally, their work not only directly affects the children who are involved in The Partnership’s programming, but extends to reach their families and caregivers.

Awards were also presented for Employee of the Year, the Health Director’s “You Can Count on Me” Award, and the Board of Health Service Award.

Nekaya Harrelson, a Public Health Nurse in the health department’s Women’s Health Clinic was recognized as the 2010 Employee of the Year.  The Employee of the Year Award is selected by the Board of Health from nominations submitted by ACHD staff.  Harrelson, a lifetime resident of Alamance County, has been with the ACHD since 2007.

Stacie Turpin-Saunders, a Public Health Educator, received the Health Director’s “You Can Count on Me” Award.  This award is presented to an employee who exemplifies the values of Public Health everywhere, everyday, for everybody.  Turpin-Saunders has been with the ACHD since 2007.

Dr. Reid Woodard was also recognized for his service to the Alamance County Board of Health.  Woodard, a Graham optometrist completing his third and final term on the Board of Health, has served as a member since 2002, most recently as Chairman in 2010 and Vice-Chairman in 2009.