BURLINGTON – The North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health in Raleigh has confirmed Alamance County’s first rabies case of 2013.

On January 30, a raccoon fought with three dogs on Terry Smith Trail in northwestern Alamance County.  The raccoon was shot by the dogs’ owner during the altercation and then sent to the State Laboratory where it later tested positive for rabies.  The three dogs involved in the altercation were not current on their rabies vaccinations and were euthanized after exposure to the raccoon.

“It’s unfortunate that these dogs were not up-to-date on shots.  State law requires rabies vaccination for dogs and cats to protect them and the people that care for them,” said Carl Carroll, Alamance County Health Department’s Environmental Health Director.

There were six total rabies cases in Alamance County for 2012.  In addition, there were a total of 432 rabies cases statewide in 2012.

If bitten by any animal:

  • Wash the wound with soap and running water for ten (10) minutes and seek medical attention immediately.
  • Write down the location of the animal and a description of the animal to provide to animal control.  If the animal is someone’s pet, also get the owner’s name and address.  Give this information to animal control or the health department.
  • Do not try to catch any wild animal

For more information or questions about rabies control, vaccination requirements, or upcoming clinics, contact the Health Department’s Environmental Health office at (336) 570-6367.