Alamance County Health Department has identified an outbreak at the long term care facility Compass Healthcare and Rehab, Mebane. Currently, two (2) cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed at the facility. The confirmed cases are among two (2) staff members. Both of the staff members are Alamance County residents. NC DHHS defines an outbreak as two laboratory-confirmed cases in a period of 28 days within a congregate living or long-term care facility. Regular testing is required through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in order to provide surveillance as protective factor for both staff and residents.

“Compass Healthcare and Rehab has worked diligently throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to protect our residents and staff,” stated Todd Nunn, President and CEO of Compass Healthcare and Rehab. “As a company, we started routine, proactive testing of all staff in June, prior to any local or national testing mandate. With this initiative, our goal has been to identify any staff members who may not showing be symptoms and remove them from work, to prevent further spread. Two staff members tested positive this week. At this time, we are working to prevent spread. This, in addition to many other interventions has aided us in keeping residents safe over the recent months. We will continue to be proactive, with our end goal being to keep residents and staff safe.”

“Our long term care facility taskforce and Compass are in constant communication to provide recommendations and guidance to mitigate the outbreak as quickly as possible,” stated Interim Health Director Alexandria Rimmer.

Alamance County Health Department identified its first confirmed case of COVID-19 on March 20. Since then, a total of 5114 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the community. Of those confirmed cases, 4619 have been released from isolation and 417 remain active and in isolation. Included in those active cases, 31 individuals are receiving care at a hospital. Sadly, there have been 78 COVID-19 related deaths. COVID-related deaths include only patients who tested positive for the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, and who died without fully recovering from the disease.

Both Alamance County and North Carolina have seen some of the highest case numbers to date in the past two weeks. The community is reminded to limit their social and group interactions and practice the 3Ws – Wear, Wait and Wash. These important steps can reduce a person’s risk and the risk to their family, friends and neighbors.