Persons seeking to schedule an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine now have two convenient options. Beginning March 1, COVID-19 vaccination appointments can be made online at The online appointment system will go live at 8:30am and will remain open until all appointments are filled. We will continue to schedule appointments through the COVID-19 Vaccination Call Center. The call center will open March 1 at 8:30am and remain open until 4:30pm, or until all available appointments are filled. The number to call for an appointment is 336-290-0650.

Online and phone appointments are available for Group1- Healthcare Workers, Group 2- Adults 65 years and older. Appointments for Group 3- Pre-K-12 School Staff and Childcare Staff are being made directly with the school system and/or facility employers.

As a reminder, available appointments are based on current vaccine supply. The public will be informed of any changes and updates through the Health Department website, social media, and the local news media.