On December 14, the Alamance County Board of Health held its annual awards ceremony at the Alamance County Health Department recognizing the work of employees and community partners.

The Board of Health recognized Betsy Meeks as the recipient of the Alamance County Health Department’s 2021 Employee of the Year Award. The 2021 Employee of the Year award is selected by the Board of Health from nominations from health department staff.

The Board of Health also recognizes outside agencies, organizations, or individuals that have partnered with the health department with the Public Health Partnership Award and the Public Health Champion Award. The Board of Health recognized the City of Burlington as the 2021 Public Health Partnership Award recipient.  The City of Burlington was recognized for its continuous support to the health department, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, in assisting with media, safety, and staffing during indoor and outdoor mass vaccination clinics. The Board of Health recognized Jason Witherspoon as the 2021 Public Health Champion Award recipient. Jason is an employee with Alamance Parks. Jason played a pivotal role in the Health Department’s community response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Health Director Tony LoGiudice recognized Rob Snow with the Health Director’s Living Our Values Award. This award is presented to an employee who exemplifies the core values of the health department: Integrity, Compassion, Teamwork, Communication, and Accountability. 

Also recognized were retirees Donna Dotson, Cathy Stephenson, and Carol Wood in appreciation of their years of service to Alamance County.