Alex Rimmer, MPH, REHS
Interim Director of
Alamance County Health Department

The core functions of Public Health are to promote, protect, and prevent disease in our community through several layers of support: individual, intrapersonal, organizational, community, and public policy. We do so in many different ways all throughout Alamance County:

  • Inspecting all food, lodging, day cares, and schools in the county,
  • Protecting our groundwater through onsite wastewater and wells programs,
  • Providing high quality pediatric dental services,
  • Addressing maternal health disparities with group prenatal care,
  • Promoting breastfeeding not only in our clinic but also the community,
  • Changing our health services to better meet the needs of adolescents,
  • Investigating potential communicable disease threats,
  • Preparing for natural and man-made disasters,
  • Training for emerging public health threats to the community
  • Collectively working with our community partners to tackle complex issues like substance use disorders, mental health diversion, and access to healthcare.

I was raised in our neighbor to the east, Hillsborough, coming to Alamance County regularly. I have a strong love for Public Health that began at UNC Greensboro during my Bachelor’s Program and quickly grew as I came to work in the field. I previously worked in Public Health in Caswell County in various programs ranging from Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Health Education, Clinics, and Environmental Health. I came to Alamance County in 2018 so that I could serve the community that I live in. Public Health is a very diverse, ever changing field. There is constantly something to improve and reassess to better provide our services to the community. In recent times, Public Health has shifted to COVID-19 relief efforts and supporting our friends and neighbors through contact tracing, coordination of various resources, and education.

We are committed to offering our services to the community with the upmost support through our agency values of Integrity, Accountability, Communication, Compassion and Teamwork. Each and every resident of Alamance County deserves thoughtful and responsible care. Here at the Health Department, it is our goal to continue to address and share the needs and successes to our partners, leaders, and community in order to keep Alamance a healthy place to live, work, and play.

Thank you Alamance County… we are here for you.

Alex Rimmer, MPH, REHS
Interim Director, Alamance County Health Department