Tony Lo Giudice
Alamance County Health Department

Alamance County Health Department is committed to maintaining and providing services with our core values in mind- Integrity, Accountability, Communication, Compassion and Teamwork.

With these core values in mind, our staff have worked to exemplify my three guiding expectations- Be Nice, Have Fun, and Prevent Harm.

“Be Nice” is not treated as just a buzzword; instead, it is a high-level technical service delivery skill combined with our physical tasks that humanely delivers service. 

When we talk about “Having Fun”– it’s just that–we enjoy what we do, how we do it, and the team we do it with.  Fun stimulates creativity and success. Having fun also means, from a leadership standpoint, empowering people to make decisions within the confines of our values, being innovative and creative, making sure we have a culture of “its okay to fail while we try to improve”  and thinking outside the box of how we interact as a team.

Finally, to “Prevent Harm”, there are many things to cover. The most obvious with preventing harm is to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and our staff. That means wearing our safety equipment, following policy and procedures, and practicing regular self-care. Preventing harm also means that we serve with a lens of diversity, inclusivity, and equity. 

Our journey continues to provide exemplary service to the community- EveryWhere. EveryDay. EveryBody.