Health Director for Alamance County
Stacie Saunders, MPH
Director of Alamance County Health Department

Our job in Public Health is to protect everyone who lives, work or visits our county from health threats; prevent disease and other poor health outcomes in our communities; and promote healthy lifestyles and environments in which a community can grow and flourish. We accomplish this in many different ways:

  • Inspecting all food and lodging establishments in the county,
  • Providing high quality pediatric dental services,
  • Addressing maternal health disparities with group prenatal care,
  • Promoting breastfeeding not only in our clinic but also the community,
  • Changing our health services to better meet the needs of adolescents,
  • Investigating potential communicable disease threats,
  • Preparing for natural and man-made disasters,
  • Training for emerging public health threats to the community
  • Collectively working with our community partners to tackle complex issues like substance use disorders, mental health diversion, and access to healthcare.

I have had the pleasure of working in public health in Alamance County for over 12 years, and no two days have been the same. Each day is different and that is precisely what I love about this work…different joys, different challenges, different successes and different questions often occurring all in the very same day. One thing, however, does remain constant and it is the values we hold when practicing public health. We strive to do our work through our agency values of Integrity, Accountability, Communication, Compassion and Teamwork. We are committed to being dependable and responsible for our health partners, visitors, and every one of our more than 165,000 residents. Each of them deserves kindness and mindfulness in the protection and care we provide. Each day, we are reminded that our health is not only defined by the individual, but also by where we live, what positive supports are in place, and the access we have to those supports. At the Alamance County Health Department, it is our responsibility to communicate the health successes and needs to our community, partners, and leaders, and to work with them to address those needs.

Thank you for being a part of our community…and a part of our Public Health Family.

Stacie Saunders, MPH
Director, Alamance County Health Department