Linda Pinyatello, Office Manager of the Children’s Dental Health Center, Integrity

Linda Pinyatello, Office Manager of the Children's Dental Health Center

To me, integrity is doing the right thing even when it’s not the easiest, most popular thing to do. It is taking responsibility for my actions even if my actions were wrong. It’s helping those in need. Integrity is putting others needs before my own. It is leading by example. I do not ask anything of the staff that I work with that I would not do myself. Here at the dental clinic, our patients are like our family. We continue to use amalgam fillings even though composite fillings are more profitable. We know that amalgam fillings last longer and will make it through all the missed appointments. We also realize our limitations and refer patients to specialists when it is in their best interest. I hope our clinic continues to be successful showing our integrity by going into the schools providing the same great care and meeting the children where they are.