Please note the Board of Health public comment policy below:
The public may register to speak during public comment period by contacting the clerk to the board of health with the email address provided on the Alamance County Board of Health website. Registration to speak at the Board of Health meetings shall expire 24 hours prior to the Board of Health meeting. Each Public Comment Period shall be limited to a maximum of thirty (30) minutes during regular meetings. Each person desiring to speak during the Public Comment Period shall have three (3) minutes to make his/her remarks. The Alamance County Board of Health shall have a response period immediately following the public comment period for follow up or address issues that arise from the public comment section. This shall be a point of response from board of health members to respond to comments that have been made, not debates with the public. Public comment is not intended to require the Board of Health to answer any impromptu questions. Speakers shall address all comments to the Board of Health as a whole and not to individual Board of Health members. Discussions between speakers and members of the audience shall not be allowed. Speakers shall be courteous in their language and presentation. Failure to abide by this requirement may result in forfeiture of the speaker’s right to speak. For matters concerning an appeal, the board of health shall follow the procedures as outlined in § 130A-24.

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