For New Residential Permits

The Alamance County Planning Department, located in the same building as the Central Permitting Office, will identify the property to be improved and enter your parcel into our database. (If you are located within a municipality, go to your town’s Planning Department first.)

If the property is not served by municipal utilities, the Environmental Health Department can determine if there is a suitable site for a well and septic system. You will need to submit a soil evaluation application to the Environmental Health Department and make arrangements for site visit. Once the soil evaluation is completed and approved, depending on your development situation, you will be instructed by the EHD to contact the County’s GIS Mapping Specialist (336-570-4085) where you will be assigned an address for your parcel. Once an address is established, EHD will issue you an Authorization to Construct permit, allowing installation of a well and septic system.

Once all approvals are obtained from the departments listed above, submit a completed building permit application along with application, review fee, and plans to the Central Permitting Office.  Click here for a copy of our residential plan requirements.

Note: All contractor information is required to be on the application when submitted. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. The plan review fee is credited towards the cost of the permit.

For Additions and Alterations

Residential additions need to have the approval of the Environmental Health Department (336-570-6367) prior to obtaining your building permit, unless your addition is served by municipal utilities.

Submit a completed building permit application and plans for review (see previous section for requirements).  Once the plan review is complete and the application approved, the Central Permitting Office will contact you to pick up your permit and pay all associated fees.