Picture of Alamance County's SealALAMANCE COUNTY LANDFILL
GRAHAM, NC  27253

Operational Hours: MON-FRI, 7 AM-6 PM; SAT, 7 AM-5 PM & SUN 1 PM-5 PM

•1,800 vehicles weekly
•$0.50 for a 13 gallon bag, $1.00 for greater than 13 gallon
•No charge for “Target” recyclables – These include Aluminum Cans, Clear/Brown Glass, Newspaper, Corrugated Cardboard and Plastic Bottles, except motor oil and pesticide bottles
•588 tons of recyclable materials collected annually.
•Accepting recyclable materials to include: Newspaper, Corrugated Cardboard, Clear/ Brown Glass, Aluminum/Steel/Metal Cans, Magazines/Catalogs, Mixed Paper, Phone Books, Plastic Bottles (i.e., Milk, Soda, Water, Juice Bottles & Colored Containers [i.e., Laundry Detergent], except motor oil and pesticide containers.
•Accepting used oil and oil filters, antifreeze, automobile batteries and used cooking oil at no charge.
•Attendant collects appropriate fees and directs vehicles to proper disposal areas.

Operational Hours: MON-FRI, 7 AM-4:30 PM & SAT, 7 AM-12 NOON

•700 vehicles weekly
•82,000 tons per year of trash disposed.
•Disposal fee for municipal solid waste: $40.00 per ton
•Waste is weighed & charges are determined by type & tonnage of material.
•Radiation detector monitors loads for radiation residue.
•Surveillance cameras assist scale operator in monitoring loads.
•Scale operator collects appropriate fees and directs vehicles to proper disposal areas.

500 tons per year processed.
Disposal fee for scrap metal: $40.00 per ton.
No charge for appliances. (Revenue from the State funds this program.)
Freon is removed prior to transporting items offsite for recycling.

•Electronic Disposal Program
Began accepting household electronics in July 2009.
178 tons collected annually.
Normal tipping fees apply.

•Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event
One-day event held every 6 months.
Average over 55,000 lbs. per program.
Free disposal for Alamance County residents. (no commercial/business waste accepted)
Various household materials accepted such as paint products, household cleaners, automotive products, batteries and fluorescent tubes.
Event is co-sponsored with NC Cooperative Extension Services & NCDA&CS Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program.

2,000 tons per year processed.
Disposal fee for ineligible tires:  $76.56 per ton.
No charge for eligible tires for retail with proper scrap tire documentation. (Revenue from the State Scrap Tire Program from taxes collected when tires are purchased.)
No charge for 5 or less tires (off rims only).

•Yard Waste (trees, leaves, etc.)
1,600 tons per year
Disposal fee: $19 per ton

•4,500 tons per year
•Disposal fee per ton for: Wood-$40, Drywall- $40, Roofing-$40, Bricks/Concrete-$40, Pallets-$40, and any combined loads of the above materials- $40

•The facility, known as the Austin Quarter Landfill, began operation in March 1994, when the Swepsonville landfill closed.
•536 total acres designated for landfill purposes.
•The facility consists of an approved trash disposal area of 90 acres divided into 7 cells, with 37 of the 90 acres currently in use.
•Each cell contains 2 feet of compacted clay, a betonite mat, a 60-mil high-density polyethylene liner, a geotextile mat and a leachate drainage/collection system to assure a low-impact on the environment.
•Accumulated trash is compacted daily by heavy equipment with a goal of 1,250 pounds of trash compacted into a cubic yard space. An annual aerial topography is conducted to monitor compaction levels.
•The current facility is expected to be useable for 80 years.

•Leachate collection pipes collect liquids filtering through the garbage.  Leachate is pumped into two 340,000 gallons holding tanks.
•3.7 million gallons per year of leachate is transported to East Burlington Wastewater treatment plant.

•Eight wells monitored quarterly.

•Twelve wells monitor the ground water for 62 constituents (twice yearly by a private lab).
•Seven surface water-sampling points monitor for the same as ground water.