– The Tourist Attraction

“The Tourist Attraction,” by Sarah Morgenthaler. Copyright 2020, Sourcebooks (412 pages, $14.99).

the tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler

Try Sarah Morganthaler’s debut novel The Tourist Attraction if you want a break from the pandemic. Set in the fictional town of Moose Springs, Alaska we experience annoying tourists, a bread loving moose, and a moody restaurant owner all while Zoey Cadwell experiences her dream of a lifetime.

Graham Barnett never wanted his restaurant to succeed; that’s why he only has four things on his menu, no sign to show who they are or even if they’re open, and the worst cocktail that he can think to make that turns out to be a “rite of passage” for anyone new stopping by in Moose Springs. Graham would rather just life be composed of him, his chain saw, and his dog Jake. Tourists are the absolute worse in Graham’s opinion; they’re noisy, nosy, and the only thing keeping Moose Springs running even though Graham won’t admit that. It’s just shocking to him on how his opinions on tourists change after being kneed in the groin by Zoey, but they do.

All Zoey wanted in her trip was the Alaska of her dreams. To see some whales, maybe a moose or two on a trail ride, but mostly to just enjoy all of Alaska’s nature in its glory. She did not want to happen upon a chainsaw wielding maniac and have to defend herself on her first outing, or the feelings of attraction she would then have for Graham and his chainsaw wielding ways.

Once Zoey and Graham’s misunderstanding is cleared up, Zoey goes about her trip trying to make the most of everything she can while Graham tries to ignore his growing feelings for a tourist. Through their fast and rocky relationship both learn to let go of ideals and prejudices and learn to accept things for the way they can just be.

If you loved The Tourist Attraction then let us know so we can purchase the rest of the series when it is published later this year!

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