Official Harry Potter Baking Book by Joanna Farrow

“The Official Harry Potter Baking Book,” by Joanna Farrow. Copyright 2021, Scholastic Inc. (127 pages, $19.99).

Official Harry Potter Baking Book by Joanna Farrow

With the 20th anniversary of the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone being celebrated at the end of 2021, it seems fitting to revisit the wizarding world. And what better way than with a book of fantastical baking recipes? Joanna Farrow has compiled a book of sweet and savory bakes that any Hogwarts fanatic can do. Just make sure to look for the lightning bolts as that is Joanna’s key to letting you know how difficult a recipe is!

Joanna’s recipes range from easy, such as her “Wizarding Hat Breakfast Rolls”, to difficult, such as her “Monster Book of Monsters Cake”. But don’t fret, Joanna has included some tips and tricks when it comes to the more difficult bakes for readers so they are properly prepared with tools. In a time where the world can be a little bleak, Joanna has kept the magic alive with these recipes; recreating wands, yelling howlers, and even a quidditch pitch.

In the back of the book are templates that bakers can use. But we do ask that you photo copy these. Any staff would be more than happy to help you at our libraries.

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