As the world steps out from under the shadow of a pandemic, we are beginning to wonder what comes next?  In the hopes of no new variants, turbulent times in the world, and continued concerns about gas, inflation, etc. we are beginning to ask what needs our community has and what the library can do to assist those needs.

Over the past five years, we had set some lofty goals for the library and our community and we hope that through thick and thin we were able to accomplish a large percentage of them even if we were thrown for a loop for a portion of that time.  Our current strategic plan helped us identify needs in the community surrounding issues of literacy and education, access to technology, quality materials, a knowledgeable, competent staff, and creating a space that is welcoming for all. 

We were successfully able to start the Mobile Café service to expand access to the internet in 2018, which came in especially handy during the pandemic, began our Mobile Library service in 2021, provide wi-fi hotspots for the community to check-out, and adapted our services and resources constantly throughout the pandemic to continue to provide materials, access, and resources both electronically and in-person. 

Now we’re asking once again, what our community needs and interest are and seek your feedback to plan for the next two to three years of COVID recovery and success.  Our community survey is available in English and Spanish and while it does ask some library specific questions, feel free to use the ‘please feel free to elaborate’ areas with any suggestions you hope the library can help with!