The right fit at your fingertips
The right fit at your fingertips

It is sometimes easy to forget that, like people, books come in all shapes and sizes! So each individual should be able to find the best fit for themselves when it comes to how they want to ‘read’ their next favorite book. We wanted to take to the time to remind everyone out there of all of the possibilities that are FREE for them, as library users, to access.

For traditionalist and anyone who just loves the feel and smell of holding a book in your hands, don’t worry! Print books are still around, and no matter what you hear, won’t be going away.

If you still want to read your favorite books, but don’t enjoy turning pages, holding the weight of the item, or needing the ‘proper’ lighting to see without damaging your eyesight – then downloadable ebooks are waiting for you! We offer downloadable books through Libby and Hoopla, which both have apps. Just login with your library card number and PIN to search and browse our titles. There are also a LOT of other free websites and book resources that can be found on our Downloadable page anytime. Use your phone, tablet, computer, kindle, etc.

And for those of you who might have trouble with our vision, large print materials are always available, which should have 18 font size print. Don’t forget, downloadable books would also be great for those with vision issues as you can control the font size from your device at any time.

If you are too busy to sit around and enjoy reading, there are still options for you that don’t involve paid subscriptions to expensive services owned by billionaires. Libby and Hoopla once again save the day with the thousands of downloadable audiobooks available. Plus, your phone or device will often sync with bluetooth devices such as your car (depending on the year) or speakers to be able to listen from wherever in your home you might be. Add some headphones and you’re mobile!

If you still have CD players in your vehicle, home, or can dig out the tried and true walkman, then find yourself a book on CD.

And last but not least is our Playaways. These are devices that only need a battery and headphones and they easily fit in your pocket during exercise, while mowing the lawn, and more. And, recently, a thrifty user just found a way to use an aux adaptor to sync to a hearing aid or wireless earbuds. Find those instructions here.

So I hope to dive into a book, through any preferred format, soon! Search our catalog to find your book and see all of these great format options, if they are available. Also, explore our Readers’ Advisory resources to find something new to try.