Passport Application Forms can be found on the State Department Travel website (, at all Alamance County Public Library Reference Desks, or at any Passport Acceptance Facility.  (All Acceptance Facilities can be located at

When printing forms from the State Department Travel website, please review ALL instructions that explain how the forms must be printed.

DS 11 Application

  • For First Time Applicants
  • Children or Adults with a 5 year passport book/card that was issued before the age of 16
  • Adult passport book/card issued more than 15 years ago
  • Most recent passport book/card was lost or stolen
  • Damaged or mutilated passport book/card

DS-82 Application

  • “Adult” Renewals Only (complete the checklist on the DS-82 form to determine your eligibility)

DS-5504 Application

  • When there has been a name change within one year from the most recently issued passport book/card this form may be used.  If the name has been changed and the passport book/card is over one year old, then refer to passport application DS-82 and review those instructions.

DS-64 Form

  • Lost or Stolen Passport Statement – if your passport is lost and still valid or potentially still valid.

DS-3053 Form

  • Statement of Consent.  (Can be used when both parents names are listed on a minor’s birth certificate and one parent cannot be present at the time the child’s application is submitted.)  Please review all the instructions very carefully on Form DS-3053.  Not only must the Notary fill out all the information under 4. – but a copy of the front & back of the ID presented to the Notary must be included with the DS-3053 (please see instructions).  IF you have further questions, see or call 1-877-487-2778 (National Passport Information Center).

DS-5525 Form

  • Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances (for children under age 16) Please Read Form for Specific Details.