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Alamance County does not have traditional zoning that regulates the land use of parcels in the county.  However, a series of ordinances regulate development impact and specific high-impact land uses. Below are the ordinances and guidelines governing land use and development in Alamance County. Please contact the Planning Department with any questions about the regulations that apply to a specific property.

Abandoned, Junked, and Nuisance Motor Vehicle Ordinance

Certificate of Appropriateness – Local Historic Landmark

Dead Storage of Manufactured Homes Ordinance

Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Heavy Industrial Development Ordinance

Height Restriction Ordinance

Sexually-Oriented Business Ordinance


Watershed Protection

Wireless Communication Facilities Ordinance


Subdivision Ordinance

Subdivision Plat Checklists

Subdivision Waiver Application

Watershed Protection

As we have learned over recent years, water is the most precious resource that we have and a clean drinking supply is critical to the health, safety, and well-being of all citizens. For this reason, the County has long had in place a Watershed Protection Ordinance. Watershed protection includes the limitation of built-upon or “impervious” surface area, the requirement of larger minimum lot sizes, and the requirement of natural “riparian” buffers on perennial streams, rivers, and lakes. Watershed protection also includes some limitations on the permitted uses of land located within a watershed.

The Alamance County Planning Department has developed a brochure titled “A Citizen’s Guide to Watershed Protection” that we hope you will find useful and informative.

A full-copy of the Watershed Protection Ordinance can be found here.