What is “Stormwater”?

Stormwater runoff is water generated by a weather event (such as rain or snow) that travels across land instead of being absorbed into the ground. This runoff works its way into nearby streams, rivers, lakes, or other bodies of water.

Why is Stormwater Control Important?

Stormwater runoff that is the result of rain or melted snow is untreated and may gather pollutants that can pollute drinking water and cause harm to humans, as well as fish and other wildlife.

What is a “BMP”?

A “BMP” or Best Management Practices” are tools used to treat and reduce pollution found in stormwater runoff. There are many forms of BMPs such as detention ponds, level spreaders, and rain gardens. These forms of BMPs are considered “Structural BMPs”. There are also “Nonstructural BMPs”

Where Can I Obtain More Educational Materials About Stormwater?

You can obtain more stormwater information at the following websites: