Updated Historic Architectural Inventory Now Available

The Alamance County Historic Properties Commission adopted the Alamance County Architectural Inventory at their meeting on April 8th, 2014.  This document includes architectural descriptions and bits of history for over 700 surveyed historic sites in twelve of Alamance County’s thirteen townships.  It is an update on the 1980 Alamance County Architectural Heritage, which included over 500 historic sites. Since that publication, over 180 sites, or 25%, have been demolished. The Alamance County Historic Properties Commission made this publication free and available in electronic format to fulfill their goal of making the architectural heritage of the county more accessible to all and to aid in continued preservation efforts. Hard copies of the Alamance County Architectural Inventory will be printed and made available in the near future. In the next few months the Historic Sites layer on the County’s GIS mapping website will be updated to include new sites and will be interactive with the Alamance County Architectural Inventory.

Click here to view the Alamance County Architectural Inventory

Click here to visit the Alamance County GIS mapping application.

If you have any questions about the Inventory or would like to submit information about a historic property in Alamance County, please contact Planning Department staff at 336-570-4053 or planning@alamance-nc.com.