Planning Department FY2015-2016 Fee Schedule

The Planning Department has revised its fee schedule for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015.

This revision was undertaken in order to clarify, standardize and streamline the payment process for our customers.

If you have any questions about the fees, please feel free to contact our offices at any time.

Alamance County Planning Fee Schedule FY 2015-2016

Subdivision Review Heavy Industrial Development Ordinance
Preliminary Plat Review $150.00 Heavy Industrial Intent to Construct Permit $500.00
Technical Review Committee Submittal $300.00 Heavy Industrial Operations Permit $50.00
Final Plat Review $150.00 + $30 per lot Heavy Industrial Development Variance $300.00
Exempt Plat Review $50.00
Plat Recording (collected by the Register of Deeds) $21.00 per sheet Maps
Subdivision Ordinance Waiver (per item) $300.00 GIS Maps (8.5×11, black and white) $0.15 per page
GIS Maps (8.5×11, color) $0.50 per page
Wireless Communication Facilities GIS Maps (11×17, color) $1.00 per page
Cell Tower Application Fee $2,500.00 GIS Maps (18×24, color) $5.00 per page
Collocation Permit $50.00 GIS Maps (24×36, color) $7.50 per page
GIS Maps (36×48, color) $12.50 per page
Floodplain, Watershed and Streams Custom GIS Maps $25.00 per hour
Floodplain Development Permit $100.00
Floodplain Variance $300.00 Copies
Watershed Site Plan Review $100.00 Map Copies- 18×24-small (black & white) $1.00 each
Floodplain Waiver Review $5.00 Map Copies- 18×24-small (color) $2.50 each
Watershed Ordinance Variance $300.00 Map Copies- Larger than 18×24 (color) $5.00 each
Any Ordinance (8 ½ x 11) $5.00
Sexually Oriented Businesses
Sexually Oriented Business Owner’s License $500.00 Misc. Items
SOB Owner’s License-Renewal (yearly) $250.00 Appeal of Administrative Decision $150.00
Sexually Oriented Business Manager’s License $100.00 Road Signs $110.00
SOB Manager’s License-Renewal (yearly) $50.00 Use Verification Letter $5.00