Alamance County Planning participates in programming that supports the Jordan Lake Nutrient Strategy. As detailed in the map below, Alamance County is located squarely within the Jordan Lake Watershed. Jordan Lake One Water and the associated Nutrient Strategy take aim at restoring and protecting Jordan Lake water quality keeping in mind that Jordan Lake serves as both a water supply and a recreation area for several surrounding communities.  

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For an interactive map, click here: Jordan Lake Stormwater and Buffer Permit Program Map.

More information regarding the Jordan Lake Nutrient Strategy can be found on the NC Department of Environmental Quality Jordan Lake Nutrient Strategy page

Riparian Buffer Protections

The NC Riparian Buffer Protection Program applies to areas in the Jordan Lake Watershed. Jordan Lake buffer rules are administered in Alamance County by the NC Division of Water Resources, a division of the Department of Environmental Quality. North Carolina Riparian Buffer Rules are implemented to maintain vegetative boundaries that surround water bodies to protect water quality, particularly from noxious elements associated with land development. 

Questions related to the Jordan Lake Buffer Rules can be directed to the Water Resources Division contact, Shelton Sullivan at (919) 707-3636.