Unified Development Ordinance



The Planning Board has requested staff review the ordinances Planning currently administers in order to simplify development standards and standardize procedures and enforcement. This review has been conducted to remain generally policy neutral, meaning no addition or removal of regulations, though some minor adjustments to standards and procedure will result from the changes. Any changes will be reviewed by the Planning Board and those recommendations will be incorporated in the proposed text.

Affected Ordinances

This proposed table of contents would combine elements of (or all of) the following ordinances:

  • Abandoned and Junk Motor Vehicles
  • Adult Establishment Ordinance
  • Automobile Graveyards Ordinance
  • Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
  • Height Restriction Ordinance
  • Heavy Industrial Development Ordinance
  • Historic Properties Commission Ordinance
  • Manufactured Homes, Dead Storage of, Ordinance
  • Manufactured Home Park Ordinance
  • Planning Board Ordinance
  • Sexually Oriented Businesses Ordinance
  • Subdivision Ordinance
  • Watershed Protection Ordinance (2014)
  • Wireless Communication Facility Ordinance

Draft Ordinance

Following is an early draft of the Unified Development Ordinance.

This draft has not been adopted in any form and is only preliminary in nature. We welcome your feedback.

DRAFT Unified Development Ordinance 8-28-2017