Alamance Parks logos

Have you wondered about the new Alamance Parks logo? Why the fox, and what’s that in its mouth?

The new Alamance Parks logo was chosen to reflect unique elements of our parks system and community. We wanted to update the logo to a clean, modern design in line with current graphic trends to help make our park system more visible, but that also incorporated elements reflective of our community and area.

We chose the fox because it’s a unique animal that, while rarely seen, is still abundant in our area amongst our natural places. The leaf in its mouth belongs to the Tulip Poplar tree (Liriodendron tulipifera)– an interesting tree also very common in our area with highly recognizable and attractive leaves. In the badge version of the logo, the “NC” with the star was chosen to reflect the “NC” and star from the North Carolina State Flag. In the leaf icon version, the “AP” stands for Alamance Parks with the star element to reflect North Carolina. We selected these three different designs so that we would have logos that work for any purpose, be it a small square icon on a web tab, or a large badge on a festival sign.

You may also have noticed in the newsletter that there’s a unique logo for each branch of what we do. The Outdoors fox sports a backpack to reflect outdoor recreation activities available at our parks and hiking trails. The Community fox is shown with kits, to represent the families we serve through our Community Recreation Centers and Special Populations Programs. The Athletics fox sports a ball cap to represent our athletic offerings.

Fan of the new logo or just want to show support for your park system? We have bumper stickers and camo Tshirts featuring these designs. If you’re interested in purchasing one, please call (336) 229-2410 or email Bumper stickers are $1 and shirts are $15.