Winter Birding Graphic

Winter is a great time to go birding at the parks!

Winter is here and so are the birds!  We have a unique opportunity in central North Carolina because so many birds make their temporary homes here for the colder months.  We have the opportunity to spot species that are just passing through as well as many that spend all winter here. Below are a few tips and resources to help make the most of your time:

  • Dress comfortably. Yes, it seems obvious but often while out watching birds you may be still and not generating a lot of body heat. It’s best to dress in layers so you can adapt to the weather and activity level.
  • Take some tools. Binoculars are great (but not necessary). They don’t have to be expensive but aim for something around the 8x40mm size. 
  • A field guide or app. David Allen Sibley’s work is a great place to start. His Birding Basics book is a must read and Field Guide to Eastern North America is unmatched. For apps and websites: The Cornell Lab’s Website: and their free companion app, Merlin (available for Apple and Android) will get you started right.
  • Our #1 tip: When watching when you see something just watch and notice the bird. Don’t immediately pull out your phone or field book.  Just keep watching and taking mental notes of colors, markings, calls, and behaviors. When the moment is gone then use your reference tools.

Happy Birding!

Suggested Resources: