Special Event Permits

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, facility rentals are not available at this time. Campsite rentals (for less than 10 people) are allowed. Please contact our office at 336-240-2410 with questions or concerns.

Interested in using an Alamance County park or facility for your special event? We’d love to have you here! Our facilities are available for use with the completion of a special event permit. Examples of applicable events requiring a permit include benefit rides, marathons, tournaments, events with special equipment (inflatable jumps, dunk tanks, etc), and more.

If any of the below conditions apply, a special event permit will be required:

  • Expected attendance of 50 or more people or an event that will interfere with the normal operations of the park facility.
  • Exclusive use of an area of the park (outside of a shelter area).
  • The use of music or amplified sound
  • The use of a tent
  • The use of a temporary food vendor

View the Alamance Parks Special Events Policy Here

The first step to reserving space for your event is to Complete the Special Event Inquiry Form (Click Here to View). You may also call 336-229-2410 to discuss your request.

Once you have completed the special event inquiry form, a member of our staff will be in touch with you within 5 business days to discuss the request and provide the necessary forms to complete in order to reserve the facility. All events are subject to approval by Alamance Parks and are bound by the Department’s rules and regulations. Applicable fees are due ten days prior to the event.

If you have questions please call 336-229-2410.