The Regulator Disc Golf Course

The Regulator is the park’s newest course opening in August 2023. The course winds through the scenic historic farm and along the banks of Rock Creek. The Regulator is the most challenging and technical of the three courses at the park.

The Regulator Disc Golf Course Map

Cedarock Disc Golf Course

The first disc golf course you will find at Cedarock Park is the Cedarock Disc Golf Course. It is the longest of the two courses, featuring open grass fairways. This 18-hole course offers amateur and professional tees and baskets.

Cedarock Open Disc Golf Course Map & Scorecard

Wellspring Disc Golf Course

The Wellspring Disc Golf Course is the shorter and older of our two courses, but in some ways, it is much more challenging than the other course. Wellspring is an 18-hole course that plays through a heavily wooded section of Cedarock Park, making accuracy more important than power. It features amateur and professional tees.

Cedarock Wellspring Woods Course Map & Scorecard

Disc Rental

Cedarock Park is now offering disc rentals. Discs are available at the Cedarock Shop during (the shop is the middle office near Shelter 4 and the fishing pond). Discs may be rented 1 for $2 or 3 for $5. Staff will hold your driver’s license during the rental. $15 fee for lost discs.

The Cedarock Shop is open from 8am until the park closes.