Overview & Map

Cedarock Park features a network of trails that includes approximately 6 miles of hiking trails and 6 miles of equestrian trails. All trails are marked with colored blazes on trees every tenth of a mile. Keep an eye out to make sure you’re on the trail you intended! None of the trails are particularly strenuous hikes, but they do involve some inclines and are mostly natural surface so please use caution and know your abilities.

In case of emergency, please note the number on the nearest trail blaze and report it to park staff or emergency services if you call for help.

Cedarock Park Trail Map


Equestrian Trail (Orange Blazes)

Cedarock offers 6 miles of dedicated equestrian trail. Horses are allowed only on the Equestrian Trail (orange blazes). Please note that the Equestrian Trail involves a shallow creek crossing and several short wooden bridges where it winds over Rock Creek. The trail consists of 3 loops comprising 6 miles that wend their way through the park. There is a new mile of connector trail that will link the new Equestrian Center and dedicated equestrian park entrance to the rest of the trail. This is a beautiful wooded trail that offers hills, creek crossings, flat areas, and beautiful views of the whole park.

Spoon Branch Trail (Blue Blazes)

The first trail that you encounter as you enter the park, the Spoon Branch Trail (blue blazes) offers 2 miles of hiking along Rock Creek and its tributaries. Beginning at the first parking lot across from the Historical Farm, follow the blazes past the picnic area, through the woods, and across the main road. Enjoy the boardwalk through the wetlands before connecting to the rest of the trail across a bridge over the creek, where you enter open woodland. Old rock wall remains dot the way along this trail and offer a glimpse into the area’s history.

Rock Creek Trail (Green Blazes)

Rock Creek Trail offers a little over two miles of hiking through mature hardwood forest. You can access the trail from several points but the main trailhead is near Shelter 3. The trail consists of two loops and a connector to the trailhead. You will not only enjoy views of the creek throughout the trail, but also spectacular views of the waterfall over the old mill dam.

Spoon Branch/Rock Creek Connector Trail (White Blazes)

The Connector Trail features an upper and lower section that add about a mile to your hiking trip, linking the Spoon Branch and Rock Creek Trails to offer a longer trek. The lower section follows the lowlands along the creek, so beware of squishy footing when the weather’s been wet. The new upper connector winds upland through an area with lovely wildflowers in the Spring.

Curtis Mill Trail (Purple Blazes)

This half-mile trail is our only paved trail. It is accessible from the parking lot near the Wellspring Disc Golf Course. It is a popular walk, ending at the waterfall over the old mill dam or connecting to Elmo’s Gazebo and the Rock Creek Trail. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a short walk and a visit to the waterfall, or need a more accessible trail than the natural surface hiking options.