Special Olympics metals

SOAC offers four local sports in conjunction with the Alamance Burlington School System: bocce, bowling, basketball, and Spring Games. Adult athletes are also involved in bowling and Spring Games. In addition to the local sports, SOAC offers 8 and 12-week training programs with tournament and state level competition available for bocce, basketball, bowling, cycling, golf, equestrian, alpine skiing, and aquatics. Athletes in these programs compete in qualifiers and then can move on to state competitions to try for Gold!

Bocce and Golf athletes compete in Fall Tournament. Aquatics, Bowling, and Cycling athletes compete at Summer Games. Equestrian and Alpine Skiing athletes compete in tournaments unique to these programs. Spring Games, held in April, is open to all athletes. To learn more about some of our sports, click on the tabs below.

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SOAC offers 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 basketball during the winter season.


What IS bocce anyways? It’s Italian lawn bowling, where one team tries to bowl the pallino ball into the end zone of the court before the other team. Bocce competitions take place at the Fall Tournament.


SOAC has a great bowling program. Practices begin in March so that our athletes are ready to compete in Summer Games! We also offer bowling get-togethers during the fall.


Cycling practices begin in March to prepare our athletes for Summer Games.

Elon Intramurals

Elon has started a program for students and Special Olympic Athletes that has become one of the best things we do here in Alamance County. We started with flag football and ended up playing with other teams at Panther Stadium in a select tournament.  It is a great opportunity for our athletes as we progressed from football to indoor soccer and will be bowling, playing basketball, and playing kickball in the Spring.

The Elon students who have been a part of this are amazing and have been a tremendous boon to the program. It is a part of their intramural program and is run through the school and we have been assured that it will continue indefinitely! Thanks Elon for being a great partner and supporter of Special Olympics Alamance County!