Public Records Request Information:

The North Carolina Public Records Act, N.C.G.S. §§ 132-1 et seq., expresses the policy of the State of North Carolina with respect to public records as set forth in § 132-1(b):

The public records compiled by the agencies of the North Carolina government or its subdivisions are the property of the people. Therefore, it is the policy of this State that the people may obtain copies of their public records free or at minimal cost unless otherwise specifically provided by law.

Records of criminal investigations and records of criminal intelligence information are not public records as defined by N.C.G.S. § 132-1.

The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office is committed to being open and responsive to records requests. However, North Carolina law does not require an agency to create or compile a record that does not exist or put a record into an electronic format if that record is not in that medium. 

Associated Fees: 
The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office may charge for actual costs incurred in filling records requests. Any fees will be communicated to the requestor prior to the request being filled.

How to Submit a Public Records Request: 
Due to the high number of public requests received by the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office, all public records requests must be submitted in writing. This ensures each request is documented and responded to in the order that they are received. 

For all general public record requests, please email

Law enforcement agencies or those seeking records pertaining to judicial proceedings, criminal investigations, or law enforcement employment should be emailed to

**Please note that requests for arrest and search warrants should be directed to the Alamance County Clerk’s Office or the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts.

All requests should include the following: 
1. Full Name
2. Organization’s Name (if applicable)
3. Phone Number
4. Email Address
5. Specific description of the public records needed

Or mail request to: 
Alamance County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Public Records Requests
109 S. Maple Street
Graham, NC 27253