For a full review of the process used to create the Strategic Plan, please see the Strategic Plan History: Comprehensive summary of the timeline and data involving the creation of the Strategic Plan. Will be updated as needed until the Strategic Plan is completed.

Destination 2020 Review: This review was made to quantify what progress was made on previous strategic planning initiatives.

Visioning Retreat: Held September 10, 2015 to discuss the process and expectations for the plan. Here is a copy of the Meeting Agenda and a summary of the meeting.

Work Plan: Presented to the Board of Commissioners on November 2, 2015

Facilitator Training for the Staff Resource Group: completed December 9, 2015.

Community Group Facilitation Training: January 13, 2015 Community Group Facilitation Training.

Community Forums: Information about the community forums can be found here.

Preliminary Draft of the Strategic Plan and the Mission and Vision Statements: Created using the raw data gained from community forums, and presented to the Planning Board on June 9, 2016. The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

Naming Contest Poll: Allowed citizens to vote for their preferred title of the Strategic Plan. The final name will be approved by the Board of Commissioners.

Strategic Plan Retreat: June 29, 2015 to review, edit, and possibly affirm the Mission and Vision Statements and the Strategic Plan.

The agenda for the Retreat can be found here.

The draft of the Strategic Plan that was used during the Retreat, and the Mission and Vision Statements, can be found here.

The revised draft of the Plan can be found here.

September 19, 2016: The final draft of the Alamance County Strategic Plan will be presented to the Alamance County Board of Commissioners. This framework is represented by a single page document, available here.

A Strategic Plan helps us define our Mission, Vision and Values as an organization.

It helps us understand:
•Who are we
•Who do we want to be
•Where are we
•Where do we want to go
•How do we get there
•How do we know when we are there

What can the plan be used for?

•Provide a framework for policy development & implementation
•Yearly departmental work plans
•Forecasting capital budget needs
•Performance management
•Comprehensive (land) planning
•Facility and space management
•Workforce planning
•Identifying opportunities for efficiencies
•Economic development initiatives