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Virtual Field Trips

Agricultural Virtual Field Trips
American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture provides over 30 virtual field trips for PreK through 5th grade.

Soil Health

This video combines the seven-part series exploring how an increasing number of farmers throughout the country are creating a new hope in healthy soil by regenerating our nation’s living and life-giving soil.

The video series is designed to help consumers, educators and students understand some of the important principles and practices behind the growing soil health movement.

Combined Chapters: The hope in healthy soil – How America’s farmers are breathing new life into our nation’s soils.
Chapter 2: Unlocking the secrets in the soil
Chapter 3: Do not disturb – No-till farming
Chapter 4: Farmers going under ‘cover’
Chapter 5: The benefits of going under ‘cover’
Chapter 6: Mixing it up—the power of diversity
Chapter 7: The hope in healthy soil—Off-farm benefits

 Agricultural Videos

Soybean Videos
The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association provides a variety of soybean informational videos.