Business Personal Property Listing Form and Related Schedules

The following forms are located on the North Carolina Department of Revenue website.  Questions concerning these forms may be addressed on the Department of Revenue Website.

Business Listing Form 2018 (blank)

Business Listing Instructions 2018

Schedule B-1 Unregistered Motor Vehicles, Multi-Year Trailers, Special Motor Vehicle Bodies
Schedule B-2 Watercraft and Engines for Watercraft
Schedule B-3 Mobile Homes and Offices
Schedule B-4 Aircraft
Schedule C-1 Leased Property or Property in Your Possessiong Owned by Others
Schedule E-1 Farm Equipment
Schedule G-1 Acquistions and Disposals Detail
Schedule H-1 Real Estate Improvements

Please take note: The last day to list business personal property without an extension is January 31, 2018. The last day to list business personal property with an extension is April 16, 2018. This is different from the IRS extension date of April 17 due to a difference in the State of North Carolina’s holiday calendar.