The Administration Division is responsible for supporting the function of the other divisions of the Tax Department, as well as providing a contact point for citizen concerns.

There are four persons in the Administrative Division:

  • Tax Administrator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Customer Service Representive
  • Receptionist

Customer Service and Reception handle from 50-60 calls-per-day (low volume periods) to 100-120 calls-per-day (high volume periods). Additionally they handle walk-in concerns and assist with incoming mail. Customer Service and Reception work together to ensure that citizens receive the assistance that they need and are able to connect citizens to the other areas of the department when necessary.

The Administrative Assistant has a broad scope of duties including both finance and human resource functions. The Administrative Assistant also coordinates Customer Service and Reception.

The Tax Administrator is responsible to plan and set goals for the Tax Department, budget and control expenditures, organize and direct the department, and coordinate with numerous internal and external groups.