The primary function of the Mapping and Land Records Section of the Alamance County Tax Office are as follows:

  •  Maintain ownership records of real property for tax listing purposes utilizing various legal instruments such as deeds, probated wills, and court orders. Ownership records can only be updated using certain documents. Please contact us at the number below for more information.
  • Maintain acreage and mapping records of real property for the tax roll using various legal instruments such as recorded surveys and deeds. Please note: Ownership and acreage information changed by legal instrument after Jan 1 of any given year is applicable for the following tax year. The tax office is unable to pro-rate taxes between buyer and seller.
  • Maintain information received from jurisdictions, such as annexations, for accurate situs billing.
  • We also perform other functions and services relating to the listing of real property for the tax roll.


Q:“I’m not sure how much acreage I have and I need to have my property surveyed. Does the tax office survey property?”

A: The tax office does not survey property. If you need a surveyor, please check the local yellow pages.

Q:”My neighbor’s driveway is encroaching on my property. Can you help?”

A:The tax office can only provide basic ownership information and taxable acreage as it relates to the tax roll. Boundary disputes are a legal matter and must be settled between the parties involved or by a court decision.

Q:”Can you tell me where my septic tank is? Can you tell me if my land percs?”

A: The tax office does not oversee soil issues such as the location of septic tanks and the ability of the land to perc or not. Please contact the Environmental Health Department for questions in this regard.

Q:”Can you provide me with building setback requirements?”

A: The tax office does not have jurisdiction over these requirements. Please contact the appropriate Planning Department.