Check My Value / Online Appeals

The Check My Value / Online Appeals tool searches for comparable properties and compares values to determine if your value is in the expected range. Informal review requests and formal appeals may be filed using this tool. Commercial properties and properties over 5 acres will not be able to use the comparable search but may still use the online appeal feature.

Geographical Information System (GIS)

The Geographical Information System (GIS) can be used to view information on a map of the property and surrounding properties.

Property Record Search

The Property Record Search allows you to view online property record cards with detailed information about each property.

Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds website allows you to view recorded deeds, plats, and other legal documents which determine ownership and influence tax assessment.

2017 Schedule of Values

The 2017 Schedule of Values is the assessment manual used by Alamance County appraisal staff and can provide important information about how your property was valued.

Revaluation FAQ

The Revaluation FAQ answers common questions we have received from the public, and will be updated periodically.

To print and mail a paper review/appeal form, click the link below… but before you do, please consider using our online review/appeal option available at the top-left link above (Check My Value / Online Appeals).

For the past three years we have been in the process of updating our values for 2017. We have visited each of the properties in Alamance County and updated our records. We have reviewed every sale of the past three years and adjusted our pricing manual to reflect current market activity. Finally, we have performed in-depth reviews on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis to be sure that we recognize the local factors that influence your property value. Our revaluation process is almost complete, the only part that is missing is… you.

The links above will provide you with resources to research your property valuation, and to contact us if you have any concerns you would like to share. You can also contact us by phone if you have questions, by calling 336-570-4100.

You may wish to start by reading our Revaluation FAQ, or by visiting any of the links above. If you want to access our online review/appeal option, you may do so by selecting the top-left link above (Check My Value / Online Appeals).