The link above allows you to file an appeal of your property tax value. You must provide your parcel number and will then be presented with an appeal option.

If you prefer to file a paper appeal, please download and print the form below, or call 336-570-4068 to request that one be mailed to you.

Paper Form: Appeal Form 2023 (print & mail)

The Property Record Search allows you to view online property record cards with detailed information about each property.

The 2023 Schedule of Values is the assessment manual used by Alamance County appraisal staff and can provide important information about how your property was valued.

My tax value has gone up, will my bill go up? This handout explains revenue neutral.

The links below can be used to research your property value. Select multiple sources and enter your address to compare these independently determined values to your tax value.

Disclaimer: The links above are provided as a service and Alamance County does not bear any responsibility for the content of the linked sites;

A top question is, “Why Do You Have To Revalue?

Another popular question is, “If You Revalue, Will My Taxes Go Up?”

For other questions, see our Revaluation FAQ . This answers common questions we have received from the public, and will be updated periodically.

The Geographical Information System (GIS) can be used to view information on a map of the property and surrounding properties.

The Register of Deeds website allows you to view recorded deeds, plats, and other legal documents which determine ownership and influence tax assessment.