(For the 2023 revaluation)

“What is a revaluation?”

A revaluation, or reappraisal, is an updating of tax values to bring them back in line with the current sale price of properties.

“Are you revaluing everyone or just me?”

The revaluation includes every parcel in the county.

“How often do you do this?”

We have historically performed a revaluation every eight years, however this revaluation is set just six years from our last one. Future revaluations will be performed every four years. This transition means that tax values will be more accurate and up-to-date.

“When was the last revaluation?”

January 1st, 2017.

“When will this revaluation take effect?”

January 1st, 2023.

“Is my value going up?”

Not necessarily, however, most properties are selling for substantially above tax value. It is not uncommon for a home valued at $150,000 (for taxes) to sell for $250,000. When we bring values back in line with sales, most properties will see an increase.

“Is my bill going up?”

When tax values go up, tax rates come down. Those persons who have seen the most growth tend to pay more taxes after a revaluation, while those persons who have seen the least growth tend to pay less taxes after a revaluation. If a revenue neutral tax rate is used, then the average property owner will pay about the same amount of taxes as they did before the revaluation.

“What is a Revenue Neutral Tax Rate?”

This is the tax rate that would bring in the same tax dollars using the new values as the old rate would have using the old values. At revenue neutral, the increased values do not result in increased tax revenue. The County is required to publish the revenue neutral tax rate, but is not required to adopt it.

“Do you have to do this?”

The revaluation is State mandated.

“Can I opt out?”

The law does not allow anyone to opt out.

“What if I don’t agree with your results?”

If you feel that your value is incorrect, we would encourage you to request an informal review using the Check My Value / Online Appeal page. This will allow a member of our appraisal staff to review your concern and will preserve your right to appeal if you disagree with the informal review.

“Someone came to my home. Does this person work for the county or are they with one of those companies?”

We are not outsourcing data collection for the 2023 revaluation. Anyone we send to your home will be an Alamance County employee.

“Why did you take pictures of my home?”

Pictures assist our appraisal staff in the valuation of your home.

“Are you going to put the pictures on the internet for anyone to see?”

No. These pictures are for internal use and are not hosted to the website.

“Can I get a copy of your records?”

Many of our records are already available online. If there is information that you would like to see that you cannot find online, please contact us to let us know. Information requests may be made to:[at]alamance-nc[dot]com

“Who can I speak with at the Tax Department?”

General questions can be sent to:[at]alamance-nc[dot]com

You can also call our customer service line at 336-570-4104. If you would like to schedule a face-to-face meeting with a member of our appraisal staff, you can use the e-mail address or phone number above, or use the Check My Value / Online Appeals tool.



Don’t leave without asking the most important question: “If You Revalue, Will My Taxes Go Up?”