“What is a revaluation?”

A revaluation is simply an updating of our records and assessed valuations.

“Are you revaluing everyone or just me?”

The revaluation includes every parcel in the county.

“How often do you do this?”

We perform a revaluation every eight years.

“When was the last revaluation?”

January 1st, 2009.

“When will this revaluation take effect?”

January 1st, 2017.

“Did you actually visit my property?”

We used a combination of in-house appraisal staff and contracted real estate professionals who live and work in our community to visit every parcel in the county. Our records were updated based on these visits and our new valuations reflect these updated records.

“Do you have to do this?”

The revaluation is State mandated.

“Can I opt out?”

The law does not allow anyone to opt out.

“What if I don’t agree with your results?”

We provide a number of online research tools on our website (click here to be taken to our main Revaluation page and try these out for yourself). If you feel that your value is incorrect, we would encourage you to request an informal review using the Check My Value / Online Appeal page. This will allow a member of our appraisal staff to review your concern and will preserve your right to appeal if you disagree with the informal review.

“Someone came to my home. Does this person work for the county or are they with one of those companies?”

We are using a combination of county employees and local real estate professionals. The person who came to your door lives and/or works in Alamance County, and is either Tax Department trained personnel or a licensed real estate professional. We are not using a revaluation company.

“Why did you take pictures of my home?”

Pictures assist our appraisal staff in the valuation of your home.

“Are you going to put the pictures on the internet for anyone to see?”

No. These pictures are for internal use and are not hosted to the website.

“Are you telling me that my home was appraised from someone’s desk based on a picture?”

No. Our work has multiple stages. In an early stage we sent someone to confirm or correct our data about your home and gather reference photos. In later stages the county appraisal staff performed a combination of office and field review work to determine your final value. Your tax valuation is not a “desk appraisal.”

“Can I get a copy of your records?”

Many of our records are already available online. If there is information that you would like to see that you cannot find online, please contact us to let us know. Information requests may be made to:[at]alamance-nc[dot]com

“Who can I speak with at the Tax Department?”

General questions can be sent to:[at]alamance-nc[dot]com

Or you can call our revaluation support line at 336-570-4100. If you would like to schedule a face-to-face meeting with a member of our appraisal staff, this can be done using the support line (above). Due to an expected high-volume of citizen questions, our appraisers will only be working by appointment in the months of March and April. These are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.