Strategic Initiatives

The County has moved forward with a number of strategic initiatives that address specific needs corresponding to the adopted action pillars listed below. Some of the projects are ongoing while others are long-term initiatives that include multiple community organizations working together to collectively solve social problems.

Preserving Agriculture
Alamance County has a rich agricultural history, and county leaders understand the value in preserving this history and supporting the agricultural community. Our goal is to help the greater community recognize that the preservation of agriculture directly benefits the county by providing economic stability, increased employment, and environmental benefits all while retaining the cultural characteristics of Alamance County. Thus, we believe that a county-wide and county-led approach to supporting agriculture is important.

Smart Growth and Development
Alamance County is committed to planning for growth while striking a balance between a thriving economy and an appreciation of natural and agricultural resources. It is our responsibility to support a sustained and focused effort for industrial investment, job growth, entrepreneurship, and opportunities that will contribute to economic benefits and sustainability. Our priority is to carefully balance collective interests with the individual rights of residents in providing a livable and desirable community for all.

World Class Education
Alamance County understands the importance of education as the foundation for personal success and achievement, economic growth, and increased civic engagement. Residents of all ages should have access to high quality educational programs and resources that meet their individual development goals for learning and growth. Alamance County also recognizes that education improves the quality of life and contributes to economic prosperity. A culture of education will have a long-lasting, positive impact in creating an empowered community of residents that achieve successful employment and become productive and responsible members of our community. To ensure a world class education is accessible to residents, Alamance County will continue to support and expand educational opportunities that align with our identified target areas of preserving agriculture and promoting health and safety. Alamance Government is also committed to supporting the infrastructure and strategic needs for the Alamance-Burlington School System and Alamance Community College.

Public Health and Safety
Alamance County is committed to providing services, resources, and programs that contribute to a safe and healthy community. To accomplish this, we have developed a two-fold strategy. First, we are committed to being proactive in anticipating future needs and issues while providing strategies and plans to mitigate any negative impact to the community. Second, we plan to be responsive to current trends as well as individual needs that arise. Ultimately, our focus is to create a safe community where law enforcement and emergency responders provide a high level of service and protection to county residents. In addition to these preparedness and response goals, we also want to encourage a healthy lifestyle by providing access to recreational and health related programs and services. Providing a healthy and safe community for residents requires a comprehensive approach implemented through strong partnerships with community agencies and organizations. We believe our approach based on prevention programs, effective response services, and increased opportunities for health and wellness best fulfills the needs of Alamance County.

Government Accountability and Resource Management
Alamance County promotes effective management and encourages innovation in order to be a high performing organization that offers quality services and resources to our residents. Our goal is to increase citizen satisfaction and further engage with the community in order to meet their needs while promoting trust and accountability to those we serve. Alamance Government is committed to excellence and responsible participation with a customer-driven focus on results.