World Class Education

ABSS and ACC Strategic and Operational Support: Establish financial goals for targets for long term support of ABSS and ACC strategic and operational needs

Support School Capital Needs: Coordinate and fund school capital projects necessary to meet the educational needs of current and future students

Partnership Development: Strengthen relationships with ABSS and ACC for facility planning

County Educational Programs: County programming that targets specific needs and populations as support to traditional educational programming.

FY22-23 Update

Alamance County continues to make World Class Education a strategic priority by dedicating the highest percentage of expenditures, 27.18%, in the FY23 Adopted General Fund budget to Education.


Alamance-Burlington School System (ABSS) received $50,912,319 for operating, pay-go maintenance, and fines & forfeiture pass-through expenditures.  ABSS also received $18,375,828 in funding for Capital Improvement needs and SRO costs.   In total, the FY23 adopted budget allocates $69,288,147, or 34.09%, to further a World Class Education for Alamance County citizens. 

Alamance Community College (ACC) received $4,321,516 for operating expenses.  ACC also received $388,200 in funding for maintenance and repair needs.  In total, the FY23 adopted budget allocates $4,321,516, or a 12% increase over FY22 adopted budget, to further education in Alamance County.