The following broadband internet providers are available in Alamance County. Please contact the individual providers to determine if your address is eligible for their service.

The tool on this article may be helpful in helping you identify potential vendors for your home address:

Wired Internet Providers

Mobile Internet Providers

Satellite Internet Providers

Low-Income Assistance

You can find information on low-income assistance through the USAC Connectivity Program at

The following providers have assistance programs for low-income families:

COVID-19 Information

State Internet Access Survey

The State of North Carolina Department of Information Technology is conducting a survey of Internet access throughout the state. You can respond to that survey here:

County Internet Access Survey

Below, you will see a map and a link to the same map in a PDF document. This map was created based on survey data collected by Alamance County and Alamance Burlington Schools (ABSS) on internet connectivity throughout the county. Because the results were from a voluntary survey, the results may contain inaccuracies.

Map of Results of 2019 Broadband Internet Survey

Alamance County and Alamance Burlington School System have been conducting a survey over the last year to learn about internet access for our residents. Specifically, where people have it and where internet access is lacking. This is our first attempt to map out what internet access looks like across our county. Only about 1800 people responded to our survey so we know this map is far from perfect. We hope this map is a tool we can update and put out for the public and those that provide internet service in the hopes that they expand their service to more folks and in turn they get more customers. We will also use this as a tool to help notify the federal and state government of our need in this area in case there is some additional funding that can be leveraged for the benefit of our citizens, our school children, and local businesses.

We will continue to collect information so if you have not filled out the survey please do. While we received a number of survey responses, more responses will help us get us a better map. If you have not responded to our survey or need to update your information, please fill out the survey below