A Special Meeting will be conducted at 1:00pm on Thursday, February 14, 2019, in the County Commissioners’ Meeting Room, 124 W. Elm Street in Graham.

Due to the possible impending partial federal government shutdown, the Board of Commissioners will meet to discuss the renegotiated contract rates to hold U.S. Marshals and ICE detainees at the Alamance County Detention Facility. If approved, this will allow federal employees time to process the contracts and minimize the potential financial ramifications that could delay federal payment to Alamance County.

“A partial federal government shutdown has implications that affect agencies, local governments, and others,” said Chair Amy Scott Galey. “It is important for Alamance County to take the necessary steps to ensure that the County’s finances are handled appropriately during this time.”

At this Special Meeting the Board will review the U.S. Marshals contract that would pay $82.00 per day per detainee housed at the jail. The Board will also review the proposed ICE contract that would pay $135.00 per detainee per day with a guaranteed minimum of 30 beds for the first 30 days and 50 beds for the remaining 11 months. If the contracts are approved, the Board may also amend the current year’s budget to reflect how additional revenues may be spent.

“News outlets currently report that Congressional negotiators have reached an agreement to avoid a shutdown,” continued Chair Galey. “However, at this time, it appears that the President has not approved any compromise. Therefore, the Alamance County Board of Commissioners will plan to conduct a special meeting until the possibility of a federal shutdown has been resolved. If it becomes clear that there will be no shutdown, the special meeting will be canceled.”

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