The Register of Deeds has worked with Logan Systems to set up a website to allow property owners in Alamance County to be notified by e-mail if a document is recorded in the Register of Deeds office that includes the name of the property owner. This document could be a deed that changes the ownership of the property. It could also be a deed of trust related to a mortgage that uses the property as security for a loan. There are also additional instruments that can be filed in the office related to your property.

The Register of Deeds is providing this service to assist the property owners in the County. Registration for this site is free. Please let your family and friends know that they can also sign up for the site. The Register of Deeds hopes that the existence of this site is a deterrent for future fraud and a tool that can mitigate the damage caused by fraud if it does occur.

For more information about the Property Notification service, please visit the website here:

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