Alamance County is a beautiful place to live, but that beauty can become marred when people litter.

People often ask what they can do to help keep Alamance County a beautiful place to live. The first step is to not litter. Littering doesn’t just happen when someone tosses trash out their car window. Littering also happens when the trash is transported improperly, such as in an untarped truck bed.

Littering is against the law, and if you are actively or passively littering, you can face fines.

The second step is to help clean up. To help with this, Alamance County is providing you with this page with information about keeping Alamance County beautiful and clean. Here, we’ll have lists of resources and programs currently available, maps of recently cleaned areas, links to partner organizations, and answers to questions you may have.

Map of Alamance County

Interested in volunteering to help out? Volunteers can contact the North Carolina Department of Transportation for bags, gloves and safety equipment. You can also help out by joining the Adopt-a-Highway program.

If your volunteer group performs a clean-up, let us know!

North Carolina Department of Transportation Resources

If you are interested in cleaning up some of our county’s highways, you can contact the State Department of Transportation for information about and resources for cleaning up. NCDOT also has a program to provide those who wish to volunteer with some supplies.

Alamance County Landfill Resources

The Alamance County Landfill has information about keeping Alamance County beautiful on their website.

Alamance County Sheriff’s Office Resources

The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office is enforcing littering laws.