Clerk of Superior Court, Child Support Division
1 Court Square, Graham, NC  27253
(336) 570-5207

The Child Support Division of the Clerk’s office performs the following:

  • maintenance of all court records in child support collection cases.
  • setting up support payments ordered by the court
  • providing print-outs for clerk’s cases
  • collecting support from payor by direct withholding from payor’s income
  • collection support by court actions

NC Centralized Collection Agency
PO Box 900006
Raleigh, NC  27675
(800) 992-9457

All Child Support is paid to the North Carolina Centralized Collection Agency.  Recipients may receive payments by debit cards or direct deposit.

Payments are split (by proration) between all cases if payor has more than one court-ordered child support obligation sent through the NC centralized collections.

Alamance County Child Support Enforcement
319 N. Graham-Hopedale Road, Suite C
Burlington, NC  27217
(336) 570-6570

Alamance County Child Support Enforcement is part of the Alamance County Human Services Department and is responsible for:

  • noncustodial parent location
  • establishment of paternity
  • establishment of child support/medical support obligations
  • collection and distribution of child support monies
  • enforcement of child support orders