The updated county line will take effect for tax purposes beginning with the 2019 billing cycle. Properties which are totally within Alamance County will be taxed in full by Alamance while properties that are completely in Guilford County will not receive a tax bill from Alamance. Those properties that are split by the county line will receive tax bills from both counties for the portion within each county.

The property value will be divided in such a way that 100% of the property will be assessed between the two counties Please see the information sheet below if you would like to learn how the counties will divide your property value.

If you have a concern about the value established for your property, you will need to notify the county issuing that value. One county does not have jurisdiction over the other and can only address value assessed on their side. Please note that there will often be a difference in the value opinions of the two counties. Just because the values are different does not mean that one of them is wrong. Valid arguments for a change in valuation will be based upon market data showing that the value is substantially out of keeping with the market as of the last revaluation or assessment data showing the value is not in keeping with the way the county assessed similar properties.

If you have questions or concerns about how the updated county line will affect your tax status, please contact:

Jeremy Akins
Tax Administrator