Brunette Ambition by Lea Michele

To “fangirl” is to live, eat and breathe one’s current obsession and at this point in time, I am fangirling over Lea Michele. Naturally, when she published her first book, I snatched it up quicker than Glee character Rachel Berry would snatch a solo and I was not disappointed.

At first, I went in thinking this book was going to be an autobiography, but it was far from it. This book, in all actuality, is a great lifestyle guide given to the masses by one of the most beautiful women of my generation. Although Lea Michele speaks about herself through most of the book, it’s not all about her. She provides her readers with nutrition and style tips, giving examples by explaining what she does herself. If one wants to feel as beautiful as Lea Michele on any given day, this book has some pretty great advice.

Michele understands that she would be nothing without her fans. Her fans are the ones that get her through, and they stand up for her, love her and truly believe in her. I believed her book to be a subtle thank you to her fans, not by shouting her gratitude from the mountain tops, but by becoming involved in her fans’ sense of self-worth. She never speaks about being skinny. She talks about feeling beautiful and exactly how one should go about being just that. With beauty comes confidence and Michele has confidence coming out of her ears, even claiming she can do things that she can’t because she simply doesn’t want people to believe she’s limited. She thinks that if one believes they can do something, that one day, they’ll be able to do it.

For those of us who would love to be Lea Michele, this book is great for providing skin, hair, diet and style insight, but I must admit, my favorite part is her chapter about friendship. Lea Michele went through a heartbreaking tragedy when her longtime boyfriend, Cory Monteith, died last summer and she got through somehow with the help of those close to her, more specifically, her friends. Her love letter to her best friend, Jonathan Groff, was beautiful. Their friendship is exactly the way any friendship should be, which is full of honesty, loyalty and love.

That being said, I wish there had been more substance to her book. While it is a very good lifestyle guide, especially for those of us who want to be Lea Michele, I would have liked to have seen more personal on-the-set Glee stories or more emotion delving into how she overcame the grief of her boyfriend’s death. This book is a little fluffy, and maybe Michele just wants her fans to be happy, but overcoming all obstacles of life is key to mostly everything these days and I would have loved to have read her thoughts and feelings about moving forth while going through such a difficult time.

Any young woman who’s experimenting with new ways of dieting or styling, I suggest this book to you. Michele has so much to offer in regards to health and beauty. It’s kind of an ultimate pampering guide with a side of anecdotes and life lessons. For the woman who wants to love herself again and feel inspired once more, I suggest this book to you.