Not The Witch You Wed by April Asher

Not The Witch You Wed,” by April Asher. Copyright 2022, Griffin (352 pages, $13.99).

Not The Witch You Wed by April Asher

Who doesn’t love a little magic with their romance?

April Asher’s first book in her new “Supernatural Singles” series is a modern take on witches, shape shifters, and other supernaturals and how Asher’s cast of 30-something year old characters navigate their magical, outdated traditions as well as to how live in a constantly changing world.

Not the Witch You Wed follows Violet, the oldest of the triplet Maxwell witches, who unfortunately, has no magic at all and must step down as the prima (the head witch) in order for her sister to step up to the title. We also meet Lincoln Thorne, the alpha of the North American Pacific region and how he is the beginning of change among the Elder Council, seeking the abolishment of archaic rules. Even though Lincoln is making headway with his mission of establishing a democracy amongst the Alphas and Elders he needs more time which comes in the convenient form of Violet. They agree to pose in a fake relationship, Violet setting strict rules because of their shared pass, but soon realize that the pass just doesn’t want to stay there.

April Asher writes a story that is filled with sass, humor, and relatable issues that any reader who enjoys new contemporary or new adult books will be able to connect with.

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