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During the pandemic, we overhauled our website in order to help you find the information you are looking for. Here is a list of a few things you can do at

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In addition, we have some great resources for adults on job help, genealogy, the Affordable Care Act, and resources for businesses and nonprofits. Find these pages under the “Research & Learn” tab at the top of the homepage.

Under the “Kids” tab, check out “Things to Do.” This will give you a run down of our programming as well as links to other fun and educational resources, such as virtual field trips. You can even find the current Battle of the Books lists on this page!

Under the “Teen” tab, you will find links to Driver’s License testing information as well as a full run down of library resources available for this age group. Click through to the “Links for teens” page and you will find resources on health and wellness, applying for a job or college, internet safety tips, and more.

Overall, we would like you to think of our website as another branch of the library – one where you can find good information and resources as well as connect with your library!