What do I need to watch the videos?

Youtube requires you to have Adobe Flash Player, a modern browser (like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera), and an Internet connection with 500+ Kbps.  Your computer’s memory, processor, and hard drive may also play a role in your ability to view our videos.

How do I make the video play?

Click the “Play” arrow on the video’s preview picture.  Depending on your browser, you may have to click the button twice to make the video play properly.

I connect to the internet using a 56kpbs modem and a standard telephone line. Can I watch the videos?

If you are connecting to the internet through a fast cable or DSL modem, you should have no problems.  However, if you are connecting to the internet through an old-style telephone model (sometimes referred to as a 56K, 28.8, or 14.4 modem), you will have significant problems with video playback and you should not play the video.

Where are your videos hosted? What format are they in?

Our videos are hosted by Youtube and are played back through a variety of means, including Flash and HTML5.

I’m having lots of problems playing back the video! Can you help me?

The videos are not actually hosted at Alamance-NC.com (even though they look like they are).  For help with playback issues, please refer to Google’s help page for Youtube (link will open a new window or tab).  It may be an issue with your computer that you will need to address, or it may be an issue with Google/Youtube’s servers, in which case, the video will come back online soon.

Because the videos are hosted at Youtube, Alamance County cannot take responsibility for problems or any other content at their site.  We do, however, apologize for the inconvenience their problems may cause you, and we will work with these companies to the best of our ability to make sure the problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

The video quality is low. Why?

You may be expecting video quality like you would see at home on TV.  We are working to produce the highest-quality videos available for you to enjoy online, and we believe the quality you are receiving is the best current balance of cost versus quality.

What is Alamance TV?

Alamance TV is a service provided to you by Alamance County in Cooperation with Time-Warner Cable to provide you with programming on our local cable public access channel.  We also provide access to video material developed by Alamance County for public use through our website here at Alamance-NC.com.

What sort of programming?

Our most popular materials are meetings of the Alamance County Commissioners.  However, we also provide educational videos about special events, emergency planning, and local services provided by Alamance County.  We also have a limited collection of sports videos provided by our Recreation Department.  We will be producing more informational and educational videos over time, and are working to expand other elements of our collection.

When can I watch Alamance TV?

You can watch our weekly broadcasts on Time-Warner Cable’s local Public Access Channel on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, beginning at 10 PM.  In most of Alamance County, this is cable channel 5.  For Time-Warner Customers whose service is based out of Mebane, this is cable channel 10.  You can also watch any of our videos here on the county’s website at any time.

When can I watch the County Commissioners’ Meeting on TV?

The County Commissioners meeting broadcasts are scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 10:00 PM.  If we have no other material for broadcast on the other Fridays, Time-Warner will rebroadcast the most recent commissioners’ meeting on those dates.

I receive television service through antenna or satellite. Can I watch the Commissioners Meetings?

You can watch the meetings through our website, or by attending in person.  We do not broadcast the meetings over an antenna or satellite signal.

Will the upcoming conversion to digital signals affect the broadcast of the meetings or my ability to receive it?

Information on the upcoming conversion to Digital TV is available here: http://www.dtv.gov/.  Since our broadcasts are carried over cable TV, they are not affected by this transition.

Can I get a DVD or VHS copy of something I’ve seen on Alamance TV?

You may purchase DVD copies of most of our videos for $1 by visiting the front desk of the county office building at 124 W. Elm St. in Graham.  If the DVD is not available at the front desk, you may put in a request for a copy, and we will get you one as soon as resources are available.

We do not have VHS copies of any materials available, however, there are companies who will convert DVDs to VHS cassettes for you for a fee.  We can sell you a DVD copy and you can use one of those services for conversion.  Please check your local phone book or the Internet for more information.

I’m having trouble watching Alamance TV on Time-Warner.

If you are trying to watch the materials on TV and are a Time-Warner cable customer, this may be an issue with Time-Warner cable.  Please contact them if you are experiencing technical problems with your cable service.