Are materials on this website public domain?

No.  Public domain implies that the materials on our website are released without copyright or condition.  As it states at the bottom of our website, all materials are copyrighted to Alamance County.  This means that you need permission to use our materials.

What about the pictures?

They are copyrighted as well.

So I can’t use any of them?

Actually, yes you can.  Certain materials on our website, like images and photographs that Alamance County has created or has had created, are copyrighted under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 License.  This means that while we maintain the copyright and ownership of the materials, you are free to use the material, so long as you attribute Alamance County and share the materials under the same Creative Commons license.

So I can freely use any image, so long as I attribute and share the image?

Mostly.  A few of our images come from other sources, such as the Federal or State Government. In those cases, those materials are owned by the licensing organization.  If you have questions, please contact the department whose page you found the image on.  If you are not sure about which department to contact, please contact our county webmaster.

What about text?

Currently, text is not covered under our copyright release.