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Are you interested in being a poll worker in Alamance County?

Alamance County poll workers must understand the following prior to becoming a poll worker:

  1. In order to serve, a person must be an active registered voter of Alamance County
  2. In order to serve, a person must be a least 18 years of age, or 17 years of age with special permissions
  3. In order to serve, a person must attend any required training associated with their position
  4. When serving, a person will be expected to be able to provide for their own transportation to and from their assigned polling site
  5. When serving, a person will be expected to stay at their polling location for the duration of their shift, as under current law a poll worker may not return to working the same day after leaving the polling place (6:00am to 8:00 – 9:00pm on Election Day, One Stop Early Voting shifts vary)
  6. When serving, a person may be expected to assist with setting up or tearing down the polling place regardless of position.
  7. When serving, poll workers are forbidden from engaging in any activity or discussion that could be considered partisan, and are forbidden from wearing any clothing or accessories that could be considered support for a candidate, party, or political position.
  8. A person may be removed from service by the Board of Elections at any time for violating item number 7, or for engaging in other unacceptable, violent, or intimidating behavior. Said behavior also may serve as reason not to consider a person for future service.
  9. Available spots for poll workers are limited. As such, in years of high interest in service it may not be possible to provide a position for everyone with interest, however, we always retain the information of those who are interested in the event we have someone drop out or failing that for the next Election.
If the above is understood, please fill out the form at the link below:
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After applying, you will receive an email within a few business days asking you to confirm your email by copying a code from the email and pasting it on a webpage that will also be linked to from the email.

Once you have confirmed your email, you will receive a confirmation email. You do not need to take any action with the confirmation email, it is just to confirm that we received the verification. If you did not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, repeat the process, making sure that you copy and paste the code exactly as it is shown in the email.

If you are selected to work, you will be contacted by the Chief Judge of a precinct prior to the next Election. Your email will remain valid with us for one Federal Election cycle (two years). After this window has passed, you will need to re-verify your email.

Your other information will remain in our poll worker interest pool for four years unless you request that it be removed, or are denied as a poll worker. If you are denied due to registration status, we will contact you to let you know and offer you a chance to update your registration or register.